The Rotary Club of Englewood

While we believe that many programs provide great value to our community and its youth, we are unable to meet every request. For this reason, our board has chosen to assess various programs on an individual-need basis. When requesting funds, please consider those students/participants with specific needs. To expedite your request, provide the names and circumstances for those individuals for whom you are requesting specific assistance.  Find Out More!

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Thank for your interest in the Englewood Youth Foundation. We are proud to support the youth and youth programs of Englewood, Florida.

To reserve the EYF Campsite you must sign and complete the above form and submit it as instructed.  Groups are reviewed and reservations are established on a first-come basis.  We will list the groups reservations on the EYF Campsite Calendar once the form is received and approved by our board.  If you have questions or would like to inquire about the availability or capacity of the facility please contact us with the form below, or email details to: 

When applying for a grant, we would like to remind you that our mission is to foster and improve literacy, educational opportunities, community awareness, and valuable life skills for the youth of our community so that they may gain the experience, values, and confidence to achieve their potential. The intent of our organization is to provide Englewood youth with opportunities and experiences that may not otherwise be available to them. Type your paragraph here.